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Have you been keeping up with what’s going on at Rosen…We exploded on the in-dash scene with a line of exciting multi-media navigation systems in 2008 and have tripled our product offering since then. These are Plug-N-Play, meaning they replace the factory radio and plug into the factory harness with full function of the vehicles steering wheel controls (if so equipped). All features or interfaces are built-in and options include: iPod™ connection cable, Sirius Sat tuner kit, back-up camera and back-up sensors. The Universal 2DIN includes all of the features of the Factory-Look models, including a “Built-In” steering wheel control interface, but may require a vehicle specific installation kit and wiring harness adaptor. This model features a fixed-face design so disc ease of use is improved over motorized screens.

More Information

Ford F150 (system only)
GM-Series (system only)
GM-Series (installed)
Honda Accord (system only)
Honda Accord (installed)
Honda CR-V (system only)
Honda CR-V (installed)
Honda Civic (system only)
Honda Civic (installed)
Honda Pilot (system only)
Honda Pilot (Installed)
Hyundai Santa Fe (system only)
Hyundai Santa Fe (installed)
Hyundai Sonata  (system only)
Hyundai Sonata 2011  (system only)
Mazda 3 (system only)
Mazda 3 (installed)
Mazda 6 (installed)
Mazda 6 (system only)
Mazda CX-7 (system only)
Mazda CX-7 (installed)
Mazda CX9 (system only)
Mazda CX-9 (installed)
Nissan Altima (system only)
Nissan Altima (installed)
Subaru Forester (system only)
Subaru Forester (installed)
Subaru Legacy-Outback (system only)
Subaru Legacy-Outback (installed)
Toyota 4Runner (Installed)
Toyota Camry (system only)
Toyota Camry (installed)
Toyota Corolla (system only)
Toyota Corolla (installed)
Toyota Highlander (system only)
Toyota Highlander (installed)
Toyota Prius (system only)
Toyota Prius (installed)
Toyota Rav4 (system only)
Toyota Rav4 (installed)
Toyota-Series (system only)
Toyota-Series (installed)
Toyota Sequoia/Tundra (system only)
Toyota Sequoia/Tundra (installed)
Toyota Sienna (Installed)
Toyota Venza (system only)
Toyota Venza (installed)
VW-Series (system only)
VW-Series (installed)
Universal 2DIN-GEN III (system only)
Universal 2DIN-GEN III (installed)

Screen Images


SAT Radio
Main System Menu

Original System

- Navigation
Sat Radio
Main System Menu

  • Navigation Sell Sheets

- Factory Look
Piranha Universal 2DIN
AV7550 Made-For-Navi Slave Screen Sell Sheet
GM-Series (PRIMO) 
GM Navi & Headrest Sell Sheet  
Honda Accord
Honda Accord (PRIMO)
Honda Accord Data Sheet
Honda Civic 2DIN Model (PRIMO) 
Honda Civic  
Honda CR-V (PRIMO)
Honda Pilot (PRIMO)  
Hyundai Santa Fe (PRIMO)
- Hyundai Sonata (PRIMO) NEW
Mazda 3 (PRIMO)
Mazda 6
Mazda CX-7  
Mazda CX-9 (PRIMO) 
Nissan Altima
Nissan Series 2DIN Model (PRIMO) 
Subaru Forester / Impreza
Subaru Legacy / Outback (PRIMO)
Toyota 4Runner
Toyota 4Runner (PRIMO)
Toyota 4Runner 2DIN Model (PRIMO)
Toyota Camry (PRIMO)
Toyota Corolla (PRIMO)
Toyota Highlander 
Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius 2DIN Model (PRIMO) 
Toyota Rav4 (PRIMO)
Toyota Sienna (PRIMO)
Toyota Sienna 2DIN Model (PRIMO)
Toyota-Series 2DIN Model (PRIMO) 
Toyota Sequoia/Tundra
Toyota Tacoma (PRIMO)
Toyota Tacoma 2DIN Model (PRIMO)
Toyota Venza
VW-Series (PRIMO)

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