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Have you been keeping up with what’s going on at Rosen…We exploded on the in-dash scene with a line of exciting multi-media navigation systems in 2008 and have tripled our product offering since then. These are Plug-N-Play, meaning they replace the factory radio and plug into the factory harness with full function of the vehicles steering wheel controls (if so equipped). All features or interfaces are built-in and options include: iPod™ connection cable, Sirius Sat tuner kit, back-up camera and back-up sensors. The Universal 2DIN includes all of the features of the Factory-Look models, including a “Built-In” steering wheel control interface, but may require a vehicle specific installation kit and wiring harness adaptor. This model features a fixed-face design so disc ease of use is improved over motorized screens.

More Information

– Ford F150 (system only)
– GM-Series (system only)
– GM-Series (installed)
– Honda Accord (system only)
– Honda Accord (installed)
– Honda CR-V (system only)
– Honda CR-V (installed)
– Honda Civic (system only)
– Honda Civic (installed)
– Honda Pilot (system only)
– Honda Pilot (Installed)
– Hyundai Santa Fe (system only)
– Hyundai Santa Fe (installed)
– Hyundai Sonata  (system only)
– Hyundai Sonata 2011  (system only)
– Mazda 3 (system only)
– Mazda 3 (installed)
– Mazda 6 (installed)
– Mazda 6 (system only)
– Mazda CX-7 (system only)
– Mazda CX-7 (installed)
– Mazda CX9 (system only)
– Mazda CX-9 (installed)
– Nissan Altima (system only)
– Nissan Altima (installed)
– Subaru Forester (system only)
– Subaru Forester (installed)
– Subaru Legacy-Outback (system only)
– Subaru Legacy-Outback (installed)
– Toyota 4Runner (Installed)
– Toyota Camry (system only)
– Toyota Camry (installed)
– Toyota Corolla (system only)
– Toyota Corolla (installed)
– Toyota Highlander (system only)
– Toyota Highlander (installed)
– Toyota Prius (system only)
– Toyota Prius (installed)
– Toyota Rav4 (system only)
– Toyota Rav4 (installed)
– Toyota-Series (system only)
– Toyota-Series (installed)
– Toyota Sequoia/Tundra (system only)
– Toyota Sequoia/Tundra (installed)
– Toyota Sienna (Installed)
– Toyota Venza (system only)
– Toyota Venza (installed)
– VW-Series (system only)
– VW-Series (installed)
– Universal 2DIN-GEN III (system only)
– Universal 2DIN-GEN III (installed)

Screen Images


– Navigation
– Bluetooth
– iPod
– Radio
– SAT Radio
– Main System Menu

Original System

– Bluetooth
– iPod
– Radio
– Sat Radio
– Main System Menu

  • Navigation Sell Sheets

– Factory Look
– Piranha Universal 2DIN
– AV7550 Made-For-Navi Slave Screen Sell Sheet
– GM-Series (PRIMO) 
– GM Navi & Headrest Sell Sheet  
– Honda Accord
– Honda Accord (PRIMO)
– Honda Accord Data Sheet
– Honda Civic 2DIN Model (PRIMO) 
– Honda Civic  
– Honda CR-V (PRIMO)
– Honda Pilot (PRIMO)  
– Hyundai Santa Fe (PRIMO)
 Hyundai Sonata (PRIMO) NEW
– Mazda 3 (PRIMO)
– Mazda 6
– Mazda CX-7  
– Mazda CX-9 (PRIMO) 
– Nissan Altima
– Nissan Series 2DIN Model (PRIMO) 
– Subaru Forester / Impreza
– Subaru Legacy / Outback (PRIMO)
– Toyota 4Runner
– Toyota 4Runner (PRIMO)
– Toyota 4Runner 2DIN Model (PRIMO)
– Toyota Camry (PRIMO)
– Toyota Corolla (PRIMO)
– Toyota Highlander 
– Toyota Prius
– Toyota Prius 2DIN Model (PRIMO) 
– Toyota Rav4 (PRIMO)
– Toyota Sienna (PRIMO)
– Toyota Sienna 2DIN Model (PRIMO)
– Toyota-Series 2DIN Model (PRIMO) 
– Toyota Sequoia/Tundra
– Toyota Tacoma (PRIMO)
– Toyota Tacoma 2DIN Model (PRIMO)
– Toyota Venza
– VW-Series (PRIMO)

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