Excalibur K9 Security Alarm

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immobilizer mode . proximity disarm/unlock.

proximity anti-carjack . multi-car operation .

programmable auxiliary channels . silent arm & disarm.

2-stage disarm has siren output & horn honk output .

onboard door lock relays. dual light flash outputs w/ selectable polarity.

starter interrupt.

automatic rearming; last door arming. ignition activated doorlocks.

anti-carjacking protection. includes mini 6 tone siren.

two 5 button controllers. 22 programmable features.

window mount antenna.

transmitters: 2-way controller: [2]. hands free operation.

power door lock outputs: onboard relays.

dual zone shock sensor. auxiliary channels: 2 programmable.

starter disable included. anti-carjacking.

operating range: up to 1/4 mile. domelight supervision – neg. Output. parking light flash – onboard relay (+1-).

siren type: 6 tone. lock upon trigger. enhanced panic. backup battery port: . secure-encoded override.

of onboard relays: 3. includes au-84tm dual zone shock sensor.. two 2-way controllers included: new! 5 button blue backlit lcd 2-way controllers feature proximity (hands-free) disarm/unlock; power save mode; keypad lock; multicar use.

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